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Weather Navigator
Weather Navigator

The Complete Equation for More
Effiicient Navigation and Safety.

A stand-alone onboard application that allows
your Bridge officers to get weather forecasts,
plot their routes, analyse, optimise them and
report their progress to the office
  Weather Navigator

On Board Features

  Weather forecasts for custom areas and time periods Itinerary        setup

  Plot multiple routes simultaneously for each leg

  Consumption estimations and cost analysis for each plotted         route

  Simulate your routes with changing weather conditions

  Optimise any section of the route Select your intended route

  Update optimal route as voyage progresses

  Import and Export routes in your ECDIS maker’s format

Optimisation Algorithm Highlights
  Based on more than a 15 years of experience on
  weather routing

 Uses multiple levels of algorithms to deduce the best   route

 Optimises for weather utilising high granularity weather  data

 Performs the speed variations necessary to make the  voyage more efficient
 Takes into your own custom weather restrictions
 Optimises best ECA distance based on cost of
  bunkered ECA & Non-ECA fuel

 Sets vessel speed based on desired ETA and optimal  consumption

Office Email Updates

   Intended route and weather ahead sent to office

   Vessel Location update and new intended route

   Post-voyage reports

Core Features


   Plot multiple routes in parallel and compare them with a number of    metrics. Import existing routes to compare and edit them as well.

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instantly gets communicated to the office.

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